Research Opportunities


To fulfill the mission of Brigham Young University, graduate students will be required to engage in scholarly research for which the student may be paid as a Research Assistant or by some other method such as a scholarship, internship, fellowship, or tuition waiver. Students have substantial freedom in the selection of research projects, and will elect to participate in the various entities within the University to enhance their educational experience.


All rights (including rights to income from sale or licensing), ownership, and title to research conducted at the University leading to the student's thesis or dissertation will reside with Brigham Young University. In some cases, as specified by University policy, a division of income from the sale of intellectual property will be made with contributing students.


A graduate student will work with his/her Advisory Committee or with other faculty on researching a topic. Both student and faculty must be very clear as to the contribution of each. Proper recognition must be given to all who contribute on any published results from the collaboration. This agreement on contribution and recognition is to be obtained from each contributor before the paper is submitted for publication.


Science is only possible if high standards of honesty are adhered to. These standards are part of the honor code to which one commits as part of a yearly ecclesiastical endorsement. The Department of Physics and Astronomy takes seriously this commitment to integrity in research. Plagiarism and falsified results will not be tolerated.


The Physics and Astronomy Department has six general areas of research available for students to choose from. A selection of possible research topics is listed below