Upcoming Colloquia

Wednesday, December 2

4:00 PM, C215 ESC

Corinne Manogue

Dept of Physics, Oregon State University

Envisioning Upper-Division Curriculum Reform

You are thinking that your upper-division courses need more pizzazz, but revitalizing your curriculum seems intimidating. How do you modernize the content while maintaining the strengths of the traditional curriculum? What "hidden curriculum" issues do you need to address to prepare your students for the future? Can you balance the curricular needs of students bound for industry, graduate school, and other more interdisciplinary careers? Are the pedagogical strategies of lower-division reform appropriate to the upper-division?
The successful, NSF-funded Paradigms in Physics project at Oregon State University suggests answers to these questions, many of which are quick and easy to implement. Our project has involved both a rearrangement of content to better reflect the way professional physicists think about the field and also the use of a number of reform pedagogies which place responsibility for learning more firmly in the hands of the students. I will share some of our joyful experiences and hard-learned lessons.

Wednesday, December 9

4:00 PM, C215 ESC

J. Ward Moody

Dept of Physics & Astronomy, BYU

Wednesday, January 6

4:00 PM, C215 ESC

Matt Davis

RENEW Strategies

We welcome anyone who wish to attend, and typically serve refreshments ten minutes before the colloquium begins. Speakers generally keep their presentation accessible to undergraduate physics students.