Joseph Moody

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Joseph Moody



Office Hours

  • Thursday noon to 2:00 in N484 ESC

Meetings and Assignments

In Winter 2020 Dr. Moody's meetings will be:

  • Physics 127 MW 9-10:00 in 206 MARB
  • Physics 127 Th 9-10:00, 10-11:00 in Planetarium
  • Physics 127 F 9-10:00 in Planetarium
  • Physics 428 MWF 1-2:00 in C261 ESC
  • Physics 529 MWF 11-12:00 in C266 ESC
  • UARC Tuesday 3-4:00 
  • Astronomy gathering Th 11-12:00 in Planetarium
  • Physics 127 TA meeting W 5:00-5:30 N485 ESC meeting
  • ROVOR F 4:00-5:00


Specialty: Galaxy nuclear variability, remote observing, large-scale galaxy distribution

Supervised Theses and Dissertations

Publication List

Professional Bio

  • PhD in Astronomy from the University of Michigan (Robert Kirshner advisor).
  • Post-doctoral researcher, The Institute for Astronomy at the University of New Mexico, Stephen Gregory and Jack Burns advisors. 
  • Assistant Professor, Weber State University. 
  • Full Professor BYU. On BYU faculty since 1990. 
  • Formerly department graduate coordinator, head of BYU astronomy group, head of physical science program, managing editor of the ASP Conference Series
  • Former member of the American Astronomical Society Publication Board 
  • Contributed to the discovery of galaxies in voids, type Ib supernovae, carbon stars.
  • Current research is on the character of galaxy voids in models and surveys and developing photometric redshift measure from specialized ramp filters.