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David Allred


Office: N265 ESC
Phone: (801) 422-3489
Lab: (801) 422-1666
Cell: (801) 400-8277
Teaching Url:

Spring 2020 Teaching Schedule

Physics 399 TBA
Physics 599 TBA

Office Hours

Winter: MW 1500(N265ESC) & Tuesday Thursday 5:20-5:50 p.m. by appointment (8014008277)

When I am doing research with students. If you find me in my office/ or lab I usually can talk for 3 min.

Meetings and Assignments

  • Colloquium: Friday 1200-noon C215
  • Physics 245: TTh 8-1100 & 14-1600 C435ESC
  • Physics 105: TTh 1600-1720 C215 ESC
  • 105 Fac meeting Th 1720 C215 ESC
  • 245 Fac & Ta meeting noon-1230 Tues C435ESC
  • Thin film & XUV Research Meeting  Thrs 1100 C255ESC
  • Nucl. Materials-  Wednesday 1300 346 Eng. Bldg
  • EUV sources Wednesday 1400 U161 ESC
  • W ALD TBA N243 ESC
  • Commercial Space Club TBA
  • Research with students, MWF various

Professional Bio

Go to Allred resume. 

Scan down to see recent student presentations, page 4 for papers and page 10 for thesis.

Learn about the group and the Mars (club) research effort. You can write the Rover at:


Specialty: Ultraviolet Optics for Space Telescopes, Thin films, Nanostructures-MEMS, Mars Simulations, nuclear materials, alternate energy issues (solar. batteries etc.)

Research Website:


Theses and Dissertations