Jean-Francois Van Huele

N151 ESC




Fall 2016

Relativistic Quantum Mechanics

Tu/Th. 8:00-9:15 p.m. C254 ESC

Office Hours: by appointment

Relativistic Quantum Mechanics by R. Parthasarathy

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The final grade will be determined as follows:                                                                    Current scores                                            Teaching Philosophy                               References

Class Participation

10 %

Class participation means being prepared to teach and discuss the material in class.

Homework consists of one weekly assignment of exercises and problems from the textbook.

Three written midterms and a comprehensive written/oral final will be scheduled with student input on timing and format.


  • Klein-Gordon Equation
  • Dirac Equation
  • Relativistic Covariance
  • Helicity and Velocity Operators
  • HoleTheory
  • Scattering
  • Neutrinos

Homework  HW0

40 %


30 %

Final Exam 

20 %


100 %

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