The 1849 Welsh Hymnal

of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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    Original document
  • Photographic copy,
  •     Note that the photographic copy is difficult to read in places and there are many errors in the optically transcribed text.

    The 1849 Casgliad o Hymnau Newyddion (Collection of New Hymns) was the second of three Welsh-language hymnals published by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Wales during the 19th century. The first of the hymnals was published in 1846, but the growth of the church was so rapid that this edition could provide hymnals for less than 1/10 of Church menbers in Wales. Additionally, there was a demand for hymns that reflected the doctrines and practices of the new church. (See the Preface to the 1849 Hymnal).

    The 1849 Hymnal does contain Welsh versions of some popular English-langualge hymns of the Church, such as The Morning Breaks (Hymn 1) and Praise to the Man (Hymn 166). There are other hymns that have roots in the English hymns, but are by no means meant to be be Welsh versions of English hymns. The Spirit of God (Hymn 53), for example, starts out sounding familiar, but only consists of eight lines, and even then takes a quick and unexpected turn:

      The spirit of the Lord like a fire is burning
      The last days have dawned for us;
      The Lord sent from the land of light
      The eternal gospel, and his gift with it.

      Truth was obtained from the mountain of Cumorah,
      The children of the forest will accept the teaching;
      And after becoming civilized, on the land of California,
      Peace and joy will be in their midst.

    But the vast majority of the "New Hymns" are just that, hymns that were newly written by the Welsh Saints and compiled and edited by John Silvanus Davis, who wrote many of the hymns himself.

    The purpose of this website is to provide a (mostly) accurate transcription of the 1849 hymnal to facilitate research into an aspect of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that was greatly important to the early Welsh Saints. In the course of time, I hope to be able to add translations of many of the hymns for non-Welsh speakers as well, althogh my Welsh has many shortcomings. In the meantime, I'd be very happy to translate a hymn or two for you if send me an email at

    -- Lawrence Rees

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