Astronomy and Related Fields of Study


Is the Study of

 Astronomy  The natural world beyond the earth
 Astrophysics  All physics required to understand astronomical phenomena (includes elements of nearly all fields
     of physics)
 Cosmology  The universe:  its origin, structure, and evolution on the largest possible scale
 Cosmogony  The origin of the universe (and sometimes the solar system), is a subfield of cosmology
 Astrochemistry  All chemistry required to understand astronomical phenomena (primarily the chemistry of the
     interstellar medium and protostellar accretion disks)
 Space Science  The physics of the interplanetary medium
 Planetary Science  The physics of planets, their formation, structure and evolution
 Astrology  The purported relationships between the planetary positions at the time of a person's birth, that
     person's personality, and events in that person's life.  A pseudoscience, has no scientific basis.