CLASS:       C266 ESC     MWF 2 - 2:50 PM

          INSTRUCTOR:           Manuel Berrondo

         OFFICE:                    N149 ESC                            422-4635

         OFFICE HOURS:        M W 3 -4 PM  

         TEXT BOOK:     Statistical Mechanics: Entropy, Order Parameters, and Complexity

         J.P. Sethna

         Oxford University Press 2006

         ONLINE VERSION:    Sethna's book

         NOTES: Partials  Chap 1 Chap3 Chap4 Chap5 Chap6 Chap7 Chap8 Chap9 Chap10 Chaps11_12

     ADDNL.: Add4 Add5 Add6 Add7.1 Add7.2 Add8 Add10 Add11 Add12

         REFERENCES: computer excercises StructThermd DistributeBalls Ergodic1d Ensembles

         OUTLINE OF COURSE: outline

         LIST SUGGESTED PROBLEMS: exercises

         MIDTERM EXAM:   Midterm Wed. Feb. 26

         FINAL EXAM:     Final - cumulative due 04/25

Students will be asked to present in class solutions to the suggested problems. Student timely participation is essential for this class.

The exams will cover all the material (textbook and class).

Class participation and general interest in the course will also help to determine the final grade.