PHYSICS 441 - Spring 2019



          CLASS:            M W F 12:00 - 1:50 PM          C285 ESC

          INSTRUCTOR:           Manuel Berrondo

         OFFICE:                    N149 ESC                            422-4635

         OFFICE HOURS:        F 2 - 3 PM

         TA:                                 John Rackham


         TEXTBOOK:                "Introduction to Electrodynamics"

         David J. Griffiths

         Cambridge 2017

         HOMEWORK:               Homework

         NOTES:Introduction, Chap1, Chap2, Chap3, Chap4, Chap5, Chap6, Chap7

         ADDITIONAL MATERIAL:  Integration Laplace2d  Summary

         GRADES Homework 35%     Midterm 30%       Final 35 %

         MIDTERM EXAM:            Thu May 30 - Sat Jun 1  - Testing Center SampleTest

         READING ASSIGNMENT: Work out ALL Examples Chaps. 1-6

         FINAL EXAM:     Finals week  cumulative - Testing Center SampleTest

         ALWAYS do your reading assignment before coming to class!
The exams will cover all the material (textbook and class). They will consist of problems similar to the homework assignments.
Class participation and general interest in the course will also help to determine the final grade.