BYU Astrofest


Events in the JFSB Quad

Rocket Launching (all day)

Paper Airplanes (all day)

Astronaut Training Center

  • Climbing Wall
  • Obstacle Course
  • Moon Bounce

Events at the Eyring Science Center

  • Planetarium Shows (every 30 min; C465)
  • Telescopes, Solar Display, Solar Telescopes (all day; roof observation deck)
  • Rocket Building (all day; Pendulum Court)
  • Star Wheels (all day; Pendulum Court)
  • SPS Physics Demos (11am, 1pm, 3pm; C295)
  • Accoustics Demos (12pm, 2pm; C215)
  • Building Tours (11:15, 1:15, 3:15; Pendulum Court)
  • MAGICC lab tours (every 30 min; Pendulum Court)
  • Paper Airplanes (all day; Pendulum Court)
  • Meteorites (all day; N252)
  • "How fast is light" (12pm, 1pm; 4th floor hallway)
  • Scout award help (all day; Pendulum Court)