BYU Astrofest



Guests can make their own rockets in the Science Center. Outside the Eyring Science Center, a rocket launching pad will be set up to launch the rockets sky high! Supplies will be provided at the event.

For those who prefer horizontal rather than vertical flight, we will be showing you how to build a variety of paper airplanes. Take them out to our test flight area to see which ones are designed for straight flight and which are trick planes. Measure how far they fly.

We will also be building star charts.

Planetarium Shows

Planetarium shows will be given continuously throughout the day in the Royden G. Derrick Planetarium on BYU's campus. Admission is free. Come join us under the stars!

Solar Observing

This is your chance to safely look at the sun. Guests can observe the sun through our telescopes with a special filter, and maybe even see a few sunspots!

Physics Demonstrations

The Society of Physics Students will be giving fun shows that teach physics in a whole new way. Learn about electromagnetism, gravity, Newtonian physics and much more with fascinating physics demos.

Acoustics Demonstrations

The Acoustical Society of America Students will be giving fun shows that teach physics in a whole new way. They will also be giving tours of research facilities including the anechoic and reverberation rooms.

Moon Classes

Guests can attend a variety of classes about the moon and moon missions.

MAGICC Lab Robots

The Electrical and Computer Engineering and Mechanical Engineering departments will show off their robotic explorers during tours of their MAGICC lab.