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Adam Erickson (Capstone, January 2017, Advisor: Traci Neilsen )


The most common challenge faced in architectural acoustics is designing a room with a proper reverberation time that will suit the purposes of the space. At the Center for Change located at 1790 N State St in Orem, Utah, a room known as the Dance Room exhibits an extraordinarily high reverberation time, making communication in the room extremely difficult. Using the EASERA system (Electronic and Acoustic System Evaluation and Response Analysis), as well as a starter pistol with multiple Larson Davis 824 sound level meters, measurements of the reverberation time were made in the room at the Center for Change on March 26th, 2016. Several possible solutions designed to lower the reverberation time were investigated and tested by constructing a computational model of the room using the Sabine equation as well as EASE software (Enhanced Acoustic Simulator for Engineers). Two solutions were chosen, and proposed in a written report to the Physical Facilities Manager at the center, Glenn Klemetson.