Get involved with the Acoustics Research Group

The following list provides opportunities to get involved with the BYU ARG.

Updated as of Mar. 14, 2011

Research projects that could use assistance:

  • Angular transmission measurements of materials - Talk to Matt Shaw
  • Famous Voices of Utah - frequency/time analysis of voiced speech - Talk to Dr. Strong
  • CAT Project - Talk to Dr. Sommerfeldt or Dr. Leishman
  • Active control of fan noise - Talk to Dr. Sommerfeldt, Dr. Gee, or Dr. Blotter

Other ways to get involved:

  • Assist in website maintenance and/or redesign - Talk to Dr. Anderson
  • Assist in equipment management - Talk to Alan Wall
  • Assist in keeping research lab spaces tidy
  • Volunteer to assist with Demo Shows - Talk to Blaine Harker
  • Build better/new acoustics demonstrations for the Demo Show - Talk to Dr. Gee