The Department recognizes that students may require financial assistance in order to remain in school.  We make as much financial assistance available to each graduate student as is possible within the Departmental and university guidelines and resources.

Teaching Assistantships

During the fall and winter semesters, the Department offers half-time (20 hours) Teaching Assistantships (TA) with pay scales according to the student's experience and progress:

  Per Semester Full Year
First Year $6,800.00 $20,400.00
Second Year $6,902.00 $20,706.00
Third Year $7,004.00 $21,012.00

Many graduate teaching assistants serve in the Departmental tutorial labs, and some teach Physics labs or do grading for Physics courses. During Spring and Summer terms the first year student (and others who do not qualify for a Research Assistantship) will be hired as part-time teaching assistants. All graduate students receiving financial support from the Department must be available to work as teaching assistants according to Department needs and assignments.

To be hired as a Teaching Assistant the department needs information from the student including their preferences about the type of assignment, and the number of hours they will be working. To enter this information go to the link below and fill out the graduate version of the department employment application.

Research Assistantships

The Department also offers a limited number of Research Assistantships and/or Internships with pay scales according to the student's experience and progress:

  Per Semester Full Year
First Year $7,166.00 $21,498.00
Second Year $7,268.00 $21,804.00
Third Year $7,370.00 $22,110.00

Typically, more Research Assistantships are offered Spring/Summer than in Fall/Winter. The purpose of these sources of funds is to provide students with some financial support while they pursue the research associated with their degree. Thus, MS thesis students and PhD dissertation students nearing graduation will be given priority for research assistant positions. Students that desire a research assistantship must have their prospectus approved and make arrangements with a faculty member doing research in the area of their interest.

Tuition and Supplementary Awards

Many students with assistantships will receive additional awards to defray some tuition costs. The amount of the awards will generally depend upon the program the student is in and the level of progression toward completion of the students degree. All graduate students in good standing will receive full tuition for all courses that appear on their study list. Provisional students in general receive half of the above amounts.

Conditions for Support

Departmental funding of graduate students will be guaranteed only for 2 years plus one semester for Masters students and for 5 years for a PhD student. Advisors with external funds may support a student for longer than this, but it is also expected that tuition will be included in this support.

The financial support discussed above is not automatic and the department can reduce or terminate support if

  • a student does not satisfactorily perform the duties required for the assistantship
  • a student is performing unsatisfactorily as a teaching assistant
  • a student does not take sufficient classes from their study list to make adequate progress toward their degree
  • a student is not giving a full measure of time and effort in achieving the research goals as outlined by his or her major professor
  • research funds become unavailable

Student Loans

The University makes short term loans available and has information about government approved loans. No loans are available through the Department. To obtain information about a loan, contact Student Financial Aid, Scholarships and Loans A-41 ASB.

If a student wants to defer payment on a loan, they will need proof of full-time status from BYU Graduate Studies. If a student's course work is finished, and they are registered for a minimum of two credit hours, and they are working on their reseach full time, they must fill out and return this form to BYU Graduate Studies.

Outside Employment

There may be circumstances in which outside employment is appropriate, but receiving TA or RA support while working outside the department requires clearance from the graduate coordinator.