Study List

The graduate study list is the course of study designed for the particular needs of each student. Like the Advisory Committee, it is officially established when the Program of Study for Graduate Students form is submitted to the graduate secretary, typically at the start of a student's second semester. It is the student's responsibility to complete and submit this form after consulting with his/her advisor and advisory committee. All courses listed on the study list must be successfully completed before the degree can be granted.

The study list must be approved by the Graduate Committee Coordinator before the start of the second semester for MS students and by the beginning of the second year for PhD students. Failure to do so may cause a hold to be placed on a student's registration for the succeeding semester or term.

Creating a Graduate Study List

  1. Download the Program of Study for Graduate Students form. Forms are also available from the department office.
  2. Tentatively select the classes to be taken. Make sure the list satisfies all degree requirements. Consult the University Graduate Studies Catalog as needed.
  3. Have the tentative list reviewed by each member of your Advisory Committee. Then have the graduate coordinator review the worksheet.
  4. Make all necessary changes and additions and create a final list.
  5. Obtain all necessary signatures and submit to the graduate secretary.

It is possible, and common, to change the study list after it has been submitted. Changes are made by submitting the Request for Program of Study Change with all appropriate signatures again to the graduate secretary.

Courses not on Study List

Students are welcome to take courses for their own benefit that are not on their study list such as dance, choir, P.E., etc. Students already taking a full load of approved courses for the semester (8.5 hours) or term (4.5 hours) may take additional courses for free. Any courses not on the study list that are taken in a non-full semester or term must be paid for by the student.

Religion Courses

The Department encourages graduate students to deepen their understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ through taking religion classes. Students who are registered for at least 2 credit hours from their study list may take a campus religion course free of charge if there is space in the class and the instructor gives written approval. To register for a religion class fill out this form, have it signed by the Office of Graduate Studies and by the instructor of the course, and return it to the Office of Graduate Studies.

Submitting the above form is all that is required. It is important not to register on the university computer enrollment system for the class. If registered this way the student must pay for the course and the instructor must also assign a grade.

No academic credit is received for taking a class in this way and it will not appear on the transcript.