Reading Quiz 23 Key

Due 3:30 pm, Tuesday, November 17th

Physics 105, Fall Term, 2009

Reading: Chapter 10.1-10.3

Did you complete the reading assignment?



1) Temperature is a measurement of speed of moving particles.

2) Heat is defined as the ability to change the thermal equilibrium of another object, not how hot or cold the object feels.

3) Increasing the heat of almost all objects will cause them to expand.

Exercise 1

If you have difficulty understanding what the difference is between temperature and heat, here is a 5 minute corny video that does a really good job of explaining the difference:

What is the measure of the degree of hotness?


What is the measure of the quantity of hotness?


If object A has a higher temperature than object B, but object B has a higher heat than object A, which object would be able to melt more ice cubes?

Object A
Object B
Not enough information to tell

Exercise 2

The picture below is of a railroad track that was constructed in the winter. This picture was taken in the middle of the day in July.

Explain why the track looks like this.

Will an object expand more or less if it has a higher coefficient of thermal expansion?



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Was there anything that you didn't understand in the reading assignment?  What was confusing to you?

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