Reading Quiz 14 Key

Reading Quiz 14 Key

Due 3:30 pm, Thursday, October 15th

Physics 105, Fall Term, 2009

Reading: Chapters 7.4

Did you complete the reading assignment?



1) Centripetal acceleration is the linear acceleration experienced by a rotating object.

2) Centripetal force is the force that keeps an object in rotational motion.

Go back to: and click on the 'Rotational' tab at the very top of the applet.

Change the graph settings to show centripetal acceleration by clicking the 'θ, ω, a' bubble. Start with the ladybug close to the center of the rotating platform and change the angular velocity to 90 degrees per second and press 'Go'. While the platform is spinning move the lady bug out toward the edge of the platform. How does this affect centripetal acceleration?

Increases centripetal acceleration
Decreases centripetal acceleration
Centripetal acceleration remains the same

What is the direction of the centripetal acceleration vector?

Since the ladybug has a mass, there is a force associated with this acceleration called the centripetal force. What is the direction of the centripetal force?

If the beetle was swapped for the lady bug (it has a greater mass), how would the centripetal force be affected?

Increases centripetal force
Decreases centripetal force
Centripetal force remains the same

When experiencing a constant angular velocity, like on a spinning ride at a theme park, you are pushed out from the center of the circle. What causes this to happen?

Centripetal force
Centrifugal force
Frictional force


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Was there anything that you didn't understand in the reading assignment?  What was confusing to you?

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