I am interested in stellar structure and evolution, stellar ages, star clusters, white dwarf stars, variable stars, and standard stars. Here I describe some of the projects I am working on.

To accomplish my work I have used telescopes at Kitt Peak, CTIO, McDonald Observatory, Gemini Observatory, and the Hubble Space Telescope.

Bayesian Analysis of Stellar Evolution with Nine Variables (BASE-9)

BASE-9 is a Bayesian software suite that recovers star cluster and stellar parameters from photometry. I am part of a team that works to develop and apply this software.

This code is available for download and the Users Manual available on astro-ph.

White Dwarfs in Star Clusters

I am involved in various projects using white dwarfs in star clusters to probe various aspects of stellar evolution. Using white dwarfs in the more controlled environment of a star cluster allows us to understand various aspects of their formation and cooling.

Cluster Photometry and Standard Stars

I am interested in improving cluster photometry and our understanding of fundamental cluster parameters. I have done work on using cluster stars to expand standard star networks. I am actively applying BASE-9 (described above) to better determine cluster parameters, especially age, metallicity, distance, and reddening.

Variable Stars

I have studied a variety of variable stars, though I am especially interested in RR Lyraes and what they can tell us about their host stellar population. I have studied RR Lyraes in the Andromeda Galaxy (M31) and am currently doing work to study RR Lyraes in Milky Way globular clusters.