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John Colton's Personal Home Page
(updated a bit in Jun 2008)

Hi, welcome to my "personal" (non-work) home page. Some of my interests are--

The Utah Jazz: Visit, a fan site I help administrate.
            Read newspaper articles about the Utah Jazz.

Music:  Listen to choral music by the La Crosse Chamber Chorale and the Utah Baroque Ensemble.
            Visit the Recorded A Cappella Review Board, where I help review a cappella music.
            Learn about the Best of BYU A Cappella CD that I helped produce.

Current Events: Visit Yahoo news.

Family: Here's a panoramic scenic picture of the Grand Tetons, from summer 2009.
            Here's some panoramic scenic pictures of our Jul 2008 vacation: Cedar Rapids, Bryce Canyon
            Here's another picture I was proud of, from a family vacation in Aug 2006: a panoramic view of the Apostle Islands 
            Look at some old pictures of me and my family.
            Here are pictures from our Dec 2005 Caribbean cruise.
            Here is Leslie journal of our Caribbean cruise (a large MS Word document).

Books: Visit my book recommendations on John's Book Page
            I use the BYU library all the time.

Church: Visit my LDS page.

Physics: Read my PhD dissertation (a pdf file). Visit my professional home page.

Humor: Visit John's Jokes!

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