Physics 471 - Winter Semester 2008

Introductory Information:

Instructor: John Colton, N335 ESC, 422-3669. Office hrs: T Th 3-4 pm, in N335 ESC

Main TA:  Ryan Tanner, Lab/office hours: M 4-6 pm W 5-7 (changed!), in/near S415 ESC.

Other TA: Adam Hall, Lab/office hours: M 2-3 pm,  in/near S415 ESC.

Peatross & Ware Textbook website (including lab videos)


Optics syllabus

Change: I have decided not to cover section 7.7. So please change the reading assignment for Feb 29 to be just sections 7.5-7.6.

Change: There's a small change on dates on the syllabus. I will be out of town March 12 and March 14 instead of Mar 10 and Mar 12. We're going to switch the topics covered on the 10th and the 12th:

     Mar 10: Topic = Review (Ch 5-8). No reading assignment.

     Mar 12: Topic = Rays. Reading assignment is 9.1 - 9.3.

Some major changes to schedule for chapters 10 and 11. Note in particular the reading assignment changes!










Complex imaging

Reading: 9.7-9.8

18     End Exam 2

(late fee after 6 pm)

Homework 18



Reading: 9.9



Homework 19



Reading:  10.1-10.4


Fraunhofer Approx. & Aperture functions

Reading: 10.5



Homework 20


Array Theorem, Gratings, Spectrometer

Reading: 11.6-11.8



Homework 21


Cylindrical Apertures

Reading: 10.6 & Bessel function handout



Diffraction through lens; Gaussian beams

Reading: 11.4-11.5 , 11.2



Homework 22

2       Discontinuance deadline

Gaussian Beams, cont.

Reading: 11.3, 11.A



Homework 23



Reading:  12.1-12.5





Quiz record sheet




Homework Assignments:

due 1/10/08:  hw 1.doc

due 1/15/08:  hw 2.doc

due 1/17/08: hw 3.doc

due 1/22/08: hw 4.doc

due 1/24/08: hw 5.doc

due 1/29/08: hw 6.doc

due 1/31/08: hw 7.doc

due 2/5/08: hw 8.doc  (Due-date changed! Now due 2/6/08 by 6 pm)

due 2/12/08: hw 9.doc  (Changed on 2/7/08--the old problem 1 has been moved to the next assignment)

due 2/14/08: hw 10.doc

due 2/19/08: hw 11.doc  (Due-date changed! Now due 2/20/08 by 6 pm)

due 2/21/08: hw 12.doc 

due 2/26/08: hw 13.doc

due 2/28/08: hw 14.doc

due 3/4/08: hw 15.doc

due 3/6/08: hw 16.doc

due 3/11/08: hw 17.doc

due 3/18/08: hw 18.doc

due 3/20/08: hw 19.doc

due 3/25/08: hw 20.doc Important: There's an error in problem 1 of that assignment! (Discovered 3/24/08.) Here's the fixed version of HW 20: hw 20 - fixed.doc

due 3/27/08: hw 21.doc Important: There's a typo in problem 1 of that assignment! (Discovered 3/26/08.) The inequality should read:  L/2 < x' < L/2  instead of  –p/2 < L < p/2 

due 4/1/08: hw 22.doc

due 4/3/08: hw 23.doc

due 4/8/08: hw 24.doc

due 4/10/08: hw 25.doc  Important: There's a typo in problem 1 of that assignment. (Discovered 4/9/08). The equation for Plank's frequency spectrum should have a "c^3" in the denominator, not just a "c".

due 4/15/08: hw 26.doc


Special Reading Assignments:

for 1/16/08: Complex numbers summary

also for 1/16/08: Driven/Damped Harmonic Oscillator

for 2/27/08:

    Dirac delta function.doc

    Convolutions.doc - play around with the convolution applet to develop "convolution intuition".

for 4/11/08: - only the paragraphs before the "Color in the human brain" heading - only the paragraphs before the "Experimental results—the CIE RGB color space" heading



Class Notes:  (Use at your own risk! They are not guaranteed and the handwritten ones were written for my benefit, not yours.)

    notes - days 1 and 2.pdf

    notes - days 3 and 4.pdf

    notes - days 5 and 6.pdf

    Reflectance vs wavelength for some metals (graph from day 7; rest of day 7 notes coming later)

    notes - days 7 and 8.pdf

    notes - days 9 and 10.pdf

    viewgraphs from day 10:

       circularly polarized light.doc (in color!)

       Jones vectors summary.doc

    notes - days 11 and 12.pdf

       Jones matrices summary.doc

    day 13: review for optics exam 1.doc   (includes a listing of which equations you need to memorize vs which ones you don't!)

       notes - day 13.pdf  (same as the above Word document, but includes my handwritten equations)

start of post-exam 1 material:

    notes - days 14 and 15.pdf

    notes - days 16 and 17.pdf

    notes - days 18 and 19.pdf

    notes - days 20 and 21.pdf

    notes - day 22.pdf (Reading quiz only; for additional day 22 class notes, see the handouts: Dirac delta function.doc and Convolutions.doc)

    notes - day 23 and 24.pdf

    notes - days 25 and 26.pdf

    day 27: review for optics exam 2.doc  (sorry, just the Word document--no scan of review with my handwritten notes)

start of post-exam 2 material:

    notes - days 28 and 29.pdf - These are the "Colton notes" for the two days that Bret Hess taught the class: what I would have taught had I not been out of town.

    notes - days 30 and 31.pdf - For day 31, just the quiz is in the pdf file. The rest of the day 31 notes are in this file:  Aberrations.doc

    notes - day 32.pdf

    notes - day 33.pdf

    notes - days 34 and 35.pdf

    notes - day 36.pdf

    notes - day 37.pdf

    notes - days 38 and 39.pdf - For day 38, just the quiz is in the pdf file. The rest of the day 38 notes are in this file: interferograms and holography.doc

    notes - day 40.pdf - The last two pages of these notes are things we didn't talk about in class, but which might be interesting to some of you. The second to last page is some comments on that somewhat-confusing-looking graph for semiconductors, emitted wavelengths vs. lattice constant. The last page is my notes on longitudinal cavity modes, which we didn't have time to talk about. You won't be tested on the info. The most important item is that, approximating the cavity as a Fabry-Perot interferometer, you can show that only an integral number of half-wavelengths can fit inside the cavity. Thus lambda = 2L/n  (L = length of cavity, n = integer); this puts a serious constraint on which wavelengths within the overall potential laser emission can in fact lase.

    day 41 - color.doc

    day 42: review for optics exam 3 (final).doc




Optics grades, 18 Jan 2008.doc

Optics grades, 26 Jan 2008.doc

Optics grades, 7 Feb 2008.doc

Optics grades, 15 Feb 2008.doc

Optics grades, 23 Feb 2008.doc

Optics grades, 3 Mar 2008.doc

Optics grades - 10 Mar 2008.doc

Optics grades - 21 Mar 2008.doc

Optics grades - 3 Apr 2008.doc

Optics grades – 17 Apr 2008.doc

Optics grades – 26 Apr 2008.doc

Optics grades – 29 Apr 2008 – final grades.doc