Welcome to Physics 430!
Winter 2010

Instructor: John S. Colton 
Intructor's email address:

Instructor office hours/location: 3:00-4:00, 5:00-5:30 pm Wed,  N335 ESC

TAs: Daniel Jensen and Quinn Norris
TAs' email addresses:
TAs' office hours: TBA


Lab Manuals

There are two manuals for this class, both available for download from the departmental Physics 430 website. Here are the manuals:

They are both available as pdf files through the links provided, or as hardcopies from the BYU Bookstore. If you want a paper copy of either of these it is generally cheaper to buy them from the Bookstore than it is to print your own (it is inappropriate for you to print a copy of this manual on department printers without paying for the printing costs).

M-file code templates

The "Computational Physics 430" lab manual refers to some m-file code templates available for download. Those pieces of code can be found on the departmental Physics 430 website.


Sample Solutions

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