Warm-Up Exercise 31

Due 12:15 pm, Wed 7 Nov 2012

Physics 123, Fall 2012

Reading assignment: 36.8-36.10

Which will look bigger* to you, a 1 m tall object that is 5 meters away from you, or a 10 m tall image that is 50 meters away from you? Explain.
* In the sense that it takes up more of your field of view

Compare the two situations: (1) You are using a magnifying glass to start a fire by focusing the sun's rays onto some straw. (2) You are using a magnifying glass to help you read small print. Qualitatively, what would "p" be for each situation? What would "q" be?

Compare these two Wikipedia lists: Largest optical reflecting telescopes and Largest optical refracting telescopes. Which list contains the largest telescopes overall, and why are the largest telescopes all that variety?