Welcome to Physics 123 (section 2)!
Fall 2011
NOTE: Section 2 is for Physics majors and minors only, or (with my permission) for people who are seriously considering a major/minor.

Instructor: John S. Colton
Email address: "john_" (including the underscore) plus "colton" at byu.edu
Office hours: MWF 2 - 3 pm, in the Underground Lab study area
Office: N335 ESC, meetings available by appointment

T.A./grader: Chris Mackprang
TA's email address: "mackpack" + "314" (the first three digits of pi) at yahoo.com
TA's office hours: MW 5 - 6:30 pm, F 3:30 - 5 pm; in the Underground Lab study area



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Here are a lot of the demos I have done/likely will do in class this semester, posted here in case you have to miss a class. The videos were filmed in old Phys 123 and Phys 105 classes. Click on the demo title to get it to play in the movie window. Past lectures:


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Here are some old exams for you to use as study aids. There's no guarantee that this year's 123 exams will be the same as any of these posted exams, in terms of multiple choice/not multiple choice, time limit/no time limit, notes/no notes, calculators/no calculators, difficulty level and so forth. For example, this year I am not letting students use any notes on the exams, but rather I will provide some (but not all!) equations on the first page, like this sample first page of exams.

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