Physics 105

Instructor: John S. Colton
Email address: "john" plus underscore plus "colton" at "byu" dot "edu".
Semester: Fall 2008
Office hours: Wed 3-4 pm, in the Tutorial Lab
Office: N335 ESC, available by appointment
Problem solving sessions: Fri 3-4 pm in 455 MARB; also Mon 1-2 pm in 455 MARB

T.A./grader: Becca Fluckiger
Her email address: "physics105colton" plus "at" plus "". This is NOT Dr. Colton's address. Don't send stuff to him here!
Office hours: Wed 12-2 pm, in the Tutorial Lab



The textbook for the class is College Physics, by Serway & Faughn (5th, 6th, 7th editions) or by Serway & Vuille (8th edition). Only volume 1 is needed for Physics 105; but volume 2 is used in Physics 106, so if you’re planning to take that course too it may be cheaper to get a book with both volumes combined. Feel free to obtain an inexpensive used copy.

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