Lab 6 - Fourier transforms

This is a computer simulation lab. The applet was created by Dr. Dallin Durfee. You can run the applet on any Java-capable computer.

Note: this application is "signed" to let it get access to your microphone and speakers (Java doesn't let unsigned applications do this for security reasons). You must "accept" the signature for it to run. If you don't have a microphone or speakers, or if these functions don't work, you can still do the lab, but you will have more fun and learn more if you use a microphone and speakers. Note that most laptops have a built-in microphone and speakers. Most desktop systems have jacks for them --- for a few $$ you can get a cheap microphone and a set of headphones to plug into them.

This simulation allows the user to record a wave, generate one by typing in a function, or select one of several pre-recorded sounds. It then shows the frequency spectrum of the wave. It can be used to illustrate Fourier transforms and harmonic modes.

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