Physics 428

Introduction to Astrophysics (Semester II)

Brigham Young University                                     Winter Semester 2015


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(1Welcome to semester II of Physics 427- 428!  (December 30, 2014)

(2) You can earn ten points of extra credit (equal to ten homework points) by attending a department colloquium having an astrophysical or closely related topic this semester.  These colloquia are held on Wednesdays at 4:00 pm in C215 ESC.  The first such opportunity will be on January 14 when astrophysicist Joseph Smidt of Los Alamos National Laboratory addresses us. (His talk abstract will be accessible on the department future colloquium website as soon as it is available.) There will be similar opportunities on January 21 when Darin Ragozzine of the Florida Institute of Technology addresses us and February 11 when we will here from Nick Nelson, also of LANL.  To receive ten points for attending a colloquium, besides being there, you should submit to your instructor, in the next class period after the colloquium a signed statement that you were in attendance and on which you should list three non-trivial facts or concepts you learned by being in attendance.  (December 30, 2014)