Physics 220

Principles of Physics III
Electricity and Magnetism

Spring 2005

 Instructor:  Clark G. Christensen


Office:  N482 ESC
  Phone:  422-2207
  Office hours:  
MWF 10-11 am

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 Messages:   (13) The maximum possible score on the final was 41 (100%).  The class average score was 28.4 (69.3%).  There was one error on the
                                   final exam key (question #30).  As a consequence nine of you got one more point than was reported to you when you left the TC.
                                   One of you received one fewer point. 
 (14) Those of you who were first to identify errors in the course materials have been given two bonus points per error.  These are
                                    entered as Quiz #11 points. 
 (15) Grade calculations are completed.  Unless we have made errors, there will be no further adjustments to grades.  You may find
                                    the grade submitted by clicking the "Show Scores" button above.  However submitted grades of E, UW, W and I will all show up
                                    as E
(4:30 pm, 6/21/2005)

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