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Justifications for the Existence of Physics 127

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8.  The coming winter solstice will occur at 9:48 pm MST on Monday, December 21.  However, because of an asymmetry between the shortening of the length of the daytime in the
          morning and in the afternoon, the earliest Provo sunrise of the year will occur at 5:00 pm this evening, Tuesday, December 8.  By the date of the solstice, the sunset time will already
          have become 5:04 pm, 4 minutes later!  The aforementioned asymmetry in the way the daytime lengthens has two causes, the earth's elliptical orbit and resultant variable orbital speed
          as it orbits the sun (which causes the sun's rate of motion across the sky with respect to background stars to vary) and the tilt of the earth's equatorial plane with respect to the ecliptic.