Dallin and Dept. Members,


Just to clarify for you all regarding PHYSICS Dept. Exchange E-Mail and sending to physics groups from off-campus e-mail accounts (like gmail).


1st.  Likewise, for those of you who also have a BYU/OIT Exchange mailbox—that is accesses via the web at the url: mail.byu.edu.


2nd) You can send to the Faculty Group from off campus (gmail) account by sending to fac@physics.byu.edu.  Likewise, I’ve recently enabled sending to the staff group from off campus by sending to staff@physics.byu.edu.  This has been disabled in the past for both the faculty and staff groups because of excessive spam issues.  I may turn the staff group off again if this becomes an issue—hopefully it will not, now that we are under the BYU/OIT trusted relationship, and have good spam filtering.  I may, at some point, enable sending from off-campus directly to faculty@physics.byu.edu if spam proves to no longer be a big issue.


3rd) Any of you can get an OIT/BYU exchange mailbox by calling 2-4000 and requesting one.  If you do so, you’ll need to decide which (BYU or Physics) will be your primary mailbox, and what your mail Reply To: [address] will be.  Some have chosen to just use gmail as their primary e-mail.  Perhaps Faculty need to discuss this, but currently each of you can choose whatever mailbox you desire.  Just keep in mind that no matter what you choose as your primary/only mailbox, you will need to configure your My BYU Alias Manager(under Communications-bottom right) accordingly.


4th) I’ve just tested that we can sent to our department mailing lists from either on-campus or off-campus (gmail) accounts.  These are our current dept. lists that can be viewed at url: http://lists.physics.byu.edu/mailman/listinfo


acappellaclub@lists.physics.byu.edu  (BYU A Cappella Club Member Mailing List/John Colton)

            acappellafans@lists.physics.byu.edu  (BYU A Cappella General Announcements/John Colton)

astroclub@lists.physics.byu.edu         (BYU Astronomical Society Mailing List)

astromajors@lists.physics.byu.edu     (Astronomy majors news and announcements)

astronomy@lists.physics.byu.edu       (Astronomy Research Group Mailing List)

cmsmail@lists.physics.byu.edu          (IUCr Commission on Magnetic Structures/Branton Campbell)

condmat@lists.physics.byu.edu          (BYU Condensed Matter Physics Mailing List/Branton Campbell)

graduate@lists.physics.byu.edu         (Physics and Astronomy Graduate List)

idutaapt@lists.physics.byu.edu           (AAPT)

test-list@lists.physics.byu.edu            (CSR Test List)

theo-list@lists.physics.byu.edu           (Theory Mailing List)

undergrad@lists.physics.byu.edu       (Physics and Astronomy Undergraduate List)


*Please let me know if any of these lists are no longer needed and can go away!


            *I have more testing yet to do regarding posts from off-campus(gmail) to our mailing lists!


5th) Lastly, I aim to accommodate your wishes in this [your e-mail] regard, so please feel free to call me anytime with questions.


Hope this helps.  Thanks.


Mark Erickson




From: dallin.durfee@gmail.com [mailto:dallin.durfee@gmail.com] On Behalf Of Dallin S. Durfee
Sent: Wednesday, August 27, 2014 2:17 PM
To: Erickson, Mark
Subject: outlook.byu.edu


Mark, outlook.byu.edu seems to be gone.  I have been forwarding my email to gmail, but I used outlook.byu.edu when I needed to send a message to a department mailing list.  Is there a way for me to send to department lists directly from gmail?  If not, how would I send to a list?