Physics Department Colloquium Calendars  (Physics 691R)

Fall 2015


Name Email From Field (page) Sent
Lunch, Dinner? Title Abstract Host
Sep  2 Paul Simmonds Boise State Nanophysics (page) y y Tensile strained nanostructures for advanced optoelectronics and band engineering y Davis
Sep  9 Shon Prisbrey LLNL CM y y If you were at the center of the planet, how strong would you be? y Gus Hart (need dinner host)
Sep 16 Melanie Steimle BYU - Job Placement Job Placement (page) n n Prepare for the Fair: The Elements of a Successful STEM Fair Experience y Christensen
Sep 23 Brian Jackson Boise State Exoplanets (page) y y On the Edge: Exoplanets with Orbital Periods Shorter Than a Peter Jackson y Stephens, Radebaugh
Sep 30 KC Hansen Michigan Space Science (page) y y, y Rosetta Stone to the Early Solar System: Rosetta Spacecraft visits Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko y Grant Hart
Oct  7 (Homecoming Week) - - - - - - No colloquium to promote attendance for the CPMS honored alumnus speaker on Octoberr 8. - -
Oct 14 Gus Hart BYU CM (page) n n   French Fries or Onion Rings? Improving integration in DFT calculations y Christensen
Oct 21 Andy Piaksek Central Wahington University Acoustics (page) y y,y Bang: Boom. Puff?  The Science of Quiet Supersonic Aircraft y Leishmann?
Oct 28 David Richards; LLNL Computations (page) y y, y

Scientific Computing in the Exascale Era

y Vanfleet
Nov  4 Shanadeen Begay Northeastern U. Chemistry and Biochemistry y y, y

Diversity in STEM Ed: Negotiating Complex Social and Cultural Experiences in Biochemical Physics Ed

y Gus Hart
Nov 11 Kirk Sorensen Flibe Energy Nuclear (page) y y, y

Energy from Thorium and its Western Connection

y Hess?
Nov 18 John Shumway Stone Ridge Technology  Computational Scientist  (page)  y y, y Carbon and Silicon: Fun and Innovation in an Energy Startup y Gus Hart
Dec  2 Corinne Manogue Oregon State Physics Education (page)  y       Rees
Dec  9 J Ward Moody BYU Physics & Astronomy Astro, E&M (page)  y n Christensen


Winter 2016


Name Email From Field (page) Sent Info? Title Abstract Host
Jan  6 Matt Davis   RENEW Strategies Physicist-Entrepreneur (page)        
Jan 13 Preston Wilson Texas Acoustics         Gee?
Jan 20
Jan 27
Feb  3             ?    
Feb  10                  
Feb 17                  
Feb 24                
Mar  2 Ryan Gutenkunst Arizona Genetics    
(Genetics using mathematical techniques applicable in physics)
Mar  9 Matt Ferguson Boise State Biophysics (page)       Hirschman?
Mar 16                  
Mar 23                  
Mar 30                  
Apr  6 Dennis Della Corte (tentative)   CM?         Gus Hart?

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Fall 2009


Name Email From Field Sent Basic Info? Title Abstract Host
Sep  2 Rob Davis BYU CM na Templated Fabrication on the Micro- and Nanoscale ´ na
Sep  9 Bill Pitt BYU Chem Eng na Ultrasound for Drug Delivery ´ na
Sep 16 Ryan Camacho* Caltech Photonics ´ Moving Mirrors with Light: The Physics of Cavity Opto-Mechanics ´ Durfee
Sep 23 Vidvuds Ozolins UCLA AMO ´ Designing Hydrogen Storage Materials Using First-Principles Computation ´ Gus Hart, asst. by Hess
Sep 30 Bern Kosicki MIT (Lincoln Lab) Imaging ´ Novel Detector Technology for Challenging Time-Dependent Imaging Applications ´ Stokes
Oct  7 Ben Pratt-Ferguson* Raytheon Engn ´ Physics in Industry, A Personal Perspective ´ Nielsen
Oct 14 Herman Batelaan Nebraska Theory ´ A Strong Future for a
Weak Quantum Effect
´ Van Huele
Oct 21 Phil Colton US State Dept. Career ´ The Atom, its Benefit and Challenges ´ Sommerfeldt Hirschmann
Oct 28 Victor Migenes BYU Astronomy na MASER Emission Toward Planetary Nebulae ´ na
Nov  4 Denise Stephens BYU Astronomy na Is Pluto a Planet? ´ na
Nov 11  Niki Brimhall BYU, Utah Plasma na Extreme Ultraviolet Polarimetry with Laser-Generated High-Order Harmonics: Characterization of Copper and Uranium ´ Peatross
Nov 18 Brian Mazzeo BYU E&C Engn ´ EM Measurements of Biological Systems ´ Van Huele
Dec  2 Jacob Fugal* NatlCtrAtmRes Atm ´ Looking at Clouds with HOLODEC 2 ´ Christensen
Dec  9 Sara M. Vaiana ASU CM, Bio ´ Intrinsically Unstructured Proteins, Diabetes and Amyloid Diseases: New Insights from Physics ´ Colton


Winter 2010


Name Email From Field (page) Sent Info? Title Abstract Host
Jan  6 John Lupton Utah - Physics & Astr CM (page) ´ Watching Excitons on the Move ´ Colton
Jan 13 Solai Jeyakumar U. of Guanajuato Astro (page) ´ Evolution of Young Radio Sources and the Effects of Environment ´ Migenes
Jan 20 John Ellsworth BYU - Physics & Astr Nuclear Astro (page) na (mis)Adventures in Vacuum Electrodynamics ´ na
Jan 27 Orest G. Symko Utah - Physics & Astr Low T (page) ´ Beautiful and Practical Patterns ´ Hess
Feb  3 Scott Sommerfeldt & Kent Gee,
BYU - Physics & Astr Acoustics (page)
na Both Good and Great: On the Contributions
of Carl Eyring and Harvey Fletcher
´ na
Feb  10 Kyle Dawson Utah - Physics & Astr Obs Cosmology (page) ´ Probing Cosmological Expansion with Distant Supernovae x Joner
Feb 17 Jonathan Weinstein U of Nevada - Reno Plasma (page) ´ Cryogenic Atoms for Quantum Information & Cold Chemistry ´ Bergeson
Feb 24 T. C. Shen Utah State - Physics Nano (page) ´ Nanotechnology in Nature ´ Davis
Mar  3 David Hatch U of Wisconsin Plasma (page) ´ Small Scale Turbulence in Fusion Plasmas ´ Grant Hart
Mar 10 Fabrizio Pinto  InterStellar Technologies Corporation Theory (page) ´ Quantum vacuum engineering: the long road from Epicurean hooked atoms to nanodevices actuated by empty space ´ Christensen
Mar 17 Mario Perez NASA Astro (page) ´ NASA: The Exoplanet Exploration Program Story ´ Joner
Mar 24 Eric Hirschmann BYU - Physics & Astr Theory (page) ´ NS, GRB, and GW:  Texting Astrophysics ´ na
Mar 31 Edward Guinan* Villanova Astro (page) ´ The Once and Future Sun: Effects of the Young Sun's Strong X-ray-UV & Plasma Fluxes on the Young Earth and Terrestrial Planets ´ Moody
Apr  7 Jack Weyland BYUI - Physics General (page) ´ Hollywood's Greatest Science Bloopers ´ Christensen
Jun 16 Roger Cozoil Deparmtne of Astronomy, Universidad de Guanajuato, Mexico Astro   ´ A new diagnostic diagram for exoplanets and an estimation of their habitability ´ Migenes

Other invitations issued:  Jani Radebaugh, BYU,  10/14/09                                                 *Note that this colloquium will be jointly sponsored by the Department of Geology.
                                        Summer Rupper, BYU,  10/20/09                                       
 Jim Steenburgh, U of Utah,  10/27/09 (declined)

Fall 2010


Name Email From Field (page) Sent Info? Title Abstract Host
Sep  1 Gus Hart BYU - Physics & Astr CM (page) na A random walk through basic biophysics ´ na
Sep  8 David Long BYU - Elec & Comp Eng Remote Sensing (page) na Microwaves, Icebergs, and Climate x na
Sep 15 Jean-Francois Van Huele BYU - Physics & Astr Theory Qntm Mech (page) na Spinning an Entangled Tale: a Story of Quantum Dynamics, Quantum Foundations, and Quantum Information x na
Sep 22 David A. Hostutler USAF - Kirtland AFB AMO - lasers yes Diode pumped alkali lasers - an overview ´ Durfee
Sep 29 Michael H. Bartl Utah - Chem,  Phys & Astr Nano (page) yes Bioinspired Three-Dimensional Photonic Band Gap Crystals ´ Campbell
Oct  6 Christoph M. Boehme Utah - Physics & Astr CM (page) yes Spin electronics for materials spectroscopy ´ Colton
Oct 13 Dan Werthimer California - Berkeley SETI (page) no IS ANYBODY OUT THERE? The Search for ET with help from Eight Million Volunteers ´ Christensen
Oct 20 D. Harold McNamara BYU - Physics & Astr Astro (page) na Variable Stars in Star Cluster and Galaxies ´ na
Oct 27 David Blackstock U of Texas Acoustics (page) yes Parametric Array: A Novel Application of Nonlinear Acoustics ´ Gee
Nov  3 Andrew Ludlow NIST AMO (page) yes Making Better Atomic Clocks ´ Durfee
Nov 10 Alex Cronin U of Arizona AMO (page), yes New Atom Interferometry Measurements of Atomic Properties. ´ Durfee
Nov 17 Alvin Benson UVU - Physics Geophysics (page) no Macroscopic Field Physics: Changing the Spin and Finding the Right Vibrational Node ´ Christensen
Dec  1 Bonnie Andersen UVU - Physics Acoustics (page) yes Modes of Bottle-Shaped Thermoacoustics Engines ´ Van Huele
Dec  8 Dan Shrum EnergySolutions Hydrogeology   The Science of Clive ´ Christensen

 Other invitations issued:  Maarten Schmidt, Caltech (emeritis), astronomy,, 2/19/10
                                  Deborah Jin, U. of Colrado, ?, deborah.jin@Colorado.EDU, ? (to be contacted by Durfee)                    

Winter 2011


Name Email From Field (page) Info→? Title Abstract Host
Jan  5 Wayne Peterson BYU Demos (page) yes A Glimpse at the Wonderworld of Classroom Physics Demonstrations x na
Jan 12  Joel Fajans UC Berkeley Plasma (page) yes How to Create and Trap Antihydrogen x Grant Hart
Jan 19 Cort Johnson Sandia NL Atomic   yes Magnetoencephalography with Fiber-Coupled Atomic Magnetometers x Allred
Jan 26 Eugene Mishchenko  Utah CM Theory (page) yes Many-body effects in the quasipartilce and collective properties of graphene x Colton
Feb  2 Clark Goble Amano Artisan Chocolate Business (page) yes Physics Meets Chocolate x Neilsen
Feb  9 Ryan P. O'Hayre Colorado School of Mines Metallurgical & Materials Engineering (page) yes

Electrochemistry for Energy Conversion

x Davis
Feb 16 Chris Schwartz Utah Atmospheric Sciences (page) yes Co-occurrence statistics of tropical tropopause layer cirrus with lower cloud layers as derived from CloudSat and CALIPSO x Christensen
Feb 23 M. Bugrahan Oktay Utah Lattice QCD (page) yes Computer Simulations in Particle Physics x Peatross
Mar  2 Adam Johnston Weber State Science Ed (page) (page) yes
Physics Education:  Promise, Purpose, and Problems
x Merrill
Mar  9 Ben Bromley Utah Astrophysics (page) yes Planet Formation x Migenes
Mar 16 Rainer Grobe Illinois State U Laser Optics (page) yes Visualization of Quantum Field Theoretical Processes x Peatross
Mar 23 Derek Thomas U of Texas at Austin Acoustics na yes Bubbles, Bubbles, Everywhere: Nonlinear Dynamics and Acoustic Propagation in Large Clusters of Interacting Bubbles x Gee?
Mar 30 Darin Ragozzine Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics Astrophysics (page) yes Systems with Multiple Transiting Planets: the Kepler Space Telescope Strikes Exoplanetary Gold x Stephens
Apr  6 Dan Whalen Carnegie Mellon U Astrophysics na yes Finding the First Cosmic Explosions x Moody
Apr 13 Manuel Berrondo BYU AMO (page) yes

Consensus and Frustration
in Emergent Systems

x na


Fall 2011


Name Email From Field (page) Sent Info? Lnch? Title Abstract Host
Aug 31 Jay Mace Utah Atmospheric Sciences (page) yes y The Advent (and Demise?) of a New Era in Cloud Remote Sensing From Space Christensen
Sep  7 Shane Larson Utah State Gravitational Waves (page) yes y PROBING THE COSMOS WITH LIGHT AND GRAVITY: Multi-messenger astronomy in the gravitational wave era Neilsen
Sep 14 Jay Irvine BYU Career Placement (page) yes n Preparing yourself to find a professional career opportunity in today’s  competitive job market na na
Sep 21 Eric Hunter Nat'l Ctr for Voice & Speech Acoustics (page) no n

A Case Study of Gordon B. Hinckley: Using Acoustics of Coupled Systems to Track Indicators of Health and Aging in 48 years of BYU Speeches

Sep 28  Josh Holt National Renewable Energy Laboratory Solar Cells (page) yes y Organic Photovoltaics and the Nanotube Niche Davis
Oct  5 (HC week) Peter Milonni U of Rochester Quantum Optics (page) yes y  Casimir Effects  Peatross
Oct 12 Inese Ivins Utah Astronomy (page) no y  Cosmic Building Blocks -- Stellar Insights x   Migenes
Oct 19 David Neilsen BYU Theoretical (page) na n Black Holes in Your Bathtub x    na
Oct 26 Raymond Shaw Michigan Tech Atmospheric (page) yes y How Do Clouds Rain? Building a “Gas Kinetic Theory” for Cloud Droplets x     
Nov  2 Richard Vanfleet BYU CM (page) na n Chemically Ordered Metal Alloys x na
Nov  9 Norman Tolk Vanderbilt AMO (page) yes, phone y Using Coherent Acoustic Phonons to Probe Damage Induced Defect Concentrations Leading to Optoelectronic Structure Modifications Peatross
Nov 16 Alan Wall BYU Acoustics   yes n Of Microphones, Measurements, and Military Jets: Acoustic holography of the F-22 Raptor x Gee
Nov 30 Matt Turner U of Washington     yes   Quantum Weak-value Amplification for Torsion-balance Experiments x Durfee
Dec  7 Anil Seth Utah Astronomy (page) yes y   The Formation of Galaxy Nuclei x   Moody

Other invitations issued:  Mingzhong Wu, Colorado State U,, CM (nanomagnetism), 1/21/11, (cgc, find host), invited for Fall, (page)  (need to
                                                         establish date)
Kirk Sorensen, invited for Winter (Bret Hess)
Enectali Figueroa-Feliciano, MIT,, Astrophysics, 10/27/10 ate Univ (cgc)
Jason Chaffetz, US Congress, Contact agent:, Government Science Policy (cgc)
Bailey Hsu, Taiwan, Don't know email yet, Theory, 11/15/10 (Van Huele)  (Hold 3/16 and 3/30 for him.) (Jean-Francois will contact

Possible invitees:          Ivan Smalyukh, Condensed Matter ( ),, see
                                     for award,
Paul Hewitt, , Education,, (suggested by Duane Merrill; he will contact)                         

Winter 2012


Name Email From Field (page) Sent
Lunch, Dinner? Title Abstract Host
Jan  4 Calvin Candland,  (801-607-2217) Alliant Technologies (retired) Defense Industries y n,n Applied Research Employment in National Defense
x Colton
Jan 11 Judith Rasband Conselle Institute of Image Management Image Management (page) na n,n Cashing In On Dressing Up x Christensen
Jan 18 Jani Radebaugh BYU Planetary Science (page) na n,n The Surface of Titan from eight Years of Cassini Spacecraft Observations x Christensen
Jan 25   Saveez Saffarian Utah Biophysics (page) y y,

Exploring the Biophysics of Virus Formation

x Christensen
Feb  1 Lawrence Crum Washington Acoustics (page) y y,y The Use of High Intensity Focused Ultrasound to Induce Tissue Ablation x Gee
Feb  8 Kensall D. Wise Michigan  EE & CS  (page) y y,y

Wireless Integrated MicroSystems:

Revolutionizing the Gathering of Information 

x Allred
Feb 15 Marshall Hart Raytheon Missile Systems Industrial Careers   y y,y Physicists in Industry x Hart
Feb 22 John S. Lewis Arizona (emeritus) Planetary Science (page),(page) y y,y Asteroid Exploration and Exploitation: Busting the Myth of Limited Resources x Migenes
Feb 29 Paula Wamsley Ball Aerospace AMO (page) y y,y

Satellite-Based Earth Remote Sensing

x Bergeson
Mar  7 Dan Pope Dan Pope Speaks, LLC Meteorology   y y,y The Climate Pendulum x Christensen
Mar 14 Wendy Adams Colorado Education   y y,y Research-Based, Student-Tested, Free Educational Resources x Gee
Mar 21 Ephraim Fischbach Purdue High-Energy Physics (page) y y,y Time-varying Nuclear Decay Constants: Implications for Detecting Dark Matter and Relic Neutrinos x Durfee
Mar 28 Oleg Starykh Utah Astrophysics (page) y cgc,n Breaking the Spin Waves:  Spinons and Other Strange Excitations of Frustrated Quantum Antiferromagnets x Van Huele
Apr  4 John Pask LLNL CM (page) y y,y

Solving the Equations of Density Functional Theory:
From Eigenvalues to Materials Properties

x Gus Hart
Apr 11 Thomas B. Greenslade, Jr. Kenyon College Science History (page) y y,y Physics and Art x Merrill

Possible Speakers:        Teppo Jouttenus, Finland (will be here visiting), theoretical particle physics, 8/5/11, (Steve Turley)
                                                   David Awschalom, UCSB,, spintronics & quantum computing, 9/20/11, (John Colton),  (page)


Fall 2012


Name Email From Field (page) Sent Info? Lnch? Title Abstract Host
Aug 29 Patrick Ross National Security Technologies Plasma na x x? Inertial Confinement Fusion and the National Ignition Facility (NIF) x Hart/Peterson
Sep  5 Steven Spangler U of Iowa Plasma (page) y y Plasmas in Space: From the Surface of the Sun to the Orbit of the Earth x Migenes
Sep 12 Werner Gellermann U of Utah Medical Physics (page) y n Non-Invasive Optical Detection of Tissue Antioxidants x Bergeson
Sep 19 Jay Irvine BYU Career Placement (page) na n Finding Career Opportunities in Today’s Competitive Job Market na na
Sep 26 Sarah Kernasovskiy Stanford Cosmology   na y Observing the Polarization of the CMB with the Keck Array x Stokes
Oct  3 Grant Jensen Caltech Biology - Imaging (page) y y How Electron Cryotomography Is Opening a New Window into Microbial Ultrastructure x Colton
Oct 10 Oliver Beckstein Arizona State Biophysics (page), (page) y y Structure and Function of Membrane Transporters from Computer Simulations x Gus Hart
Oct 17 Brian Pyper BYU - Idaho Physics Education (page) y y Physics Education Research (PER): The PER-Friendly Classroom and the Importance of Reasoning x Gee/T. Nielsen
Oct 24 Christopher Crawford Kentucky Nuclear (page) y y Fundamental Particle Symmetries Meet Classical Electrodynamic Symmetries at the SNS x Turley
Oct 31 Steven Wasserbaech UVU Particle Physics (page) y n

Observation of a new Boson at the Large Hadron Collider

x Van Huele
Nov  7 Clint Sprott Wisconsin Plasma (page) y y Self-Organization - Nature's Intelligent Design x Spencer
Nov 14 Stephen Lyon lyon@Princeton.EDU Princeton EE (page) y ? Quantum Computing with Electrons in Silicon x Colton
Nov 27* Miguel A. Trinidad

Deparmtne of Astronomy, Universidad de Guanajuato, Mexico Astrophysics   na na Formation and Evolution of the Water Maser Outflow in AFGL 2591 VLA-3N no Migenes
Nov 28 David Allred BYU AMO (page) na n Adventures in Research: A Funny Thing Happened When We Shone VUV Light on our Thin Film - The Anomalous Film Growth when Reactively Sputtered Oxide Thin Films are Exposed to 7.2eV Light x na
Dec  5 Peter Bennett Arizona State CM (page) y y Self-Assembled Epitaxial Silicide Nanowires x Vanfleet


Winter 2013


Name Email From Field (page) Sent
Lunch, Dinner? Title Abstract Host
Jan  9 Gary Bowman Northern Arizona U Quantum Mechanics (page) y y Einstein and Mysticism x Gus Hart
Jan 16 Scott Bergeson BYU AMO (page) na na The 2012 Nobel Prize in Physics x na
Jan 23 Brian Anderson LANL Acoustics   y na Studying crack dynamics using time reversal acoustics x Gee
Jan 30 Mark Transtrum U Texas (Anderson Cancer Center) CM (page) y na

The geometry of mathematical modeling: Coarse-graining emergent behavior in complex systems

x na
Feb  6 Jake Anderson Fermilab Particle Physics (page) y y Symmetries and the Higgs Boson x Rees
Feb 13 Julie Crockett BYU Mechanical Engineering (page) y n Internal Gravity Waves and our Climate x Christensen
Feb 20 Andrew Warren U Central Florica CM   y X-ray Diffraction based Metrology of Nanometric Metallic Thin Films x Vanfleet
Feb 27 Jonathan Lunine Cornell Astrophysics (page) y y Saturn's moon Titan from the Inside Out x Stephens
Mar  6 Brian Neyenhuis U Colorado AMO   y y

Quantum Information with Trapped Atomic Ions

x Durfee
Mar 13 Jason Ferguson Wichita State University Astrophysics (page) y y Molecular Opacities and Stellar Evolution x Stephens
Mar 20 Don Futaba Japan CM y y "Super-Growth” Carbon Nanotubes Forests: Science, Application, and Industrialization x Davis
Mar 27 Steven Garrett Penn State Acoustics   y y, y Thermoacoustic Engines and Refrigerators  (appt: 1:30-3:00 see 2/13 email; PS; ) x Gee
Apr  3 Chad Junkermeier Penn State (Post-doc) CM (Dept of Mechncl  & Nuclr Engineering)   y y,y Fluorinated Graphene x Hart
Apr 10 Jacob Fugal Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz Atmospheric Physics   y y,y Characterizing Cloud Droplets and Ice Crystals in Clouds with the Digital Holographic Airborne Instrument, HOLODEC and HALOHOLO x Moody

Fall 2013


Name Email From Field (page) Sent Info? Lnch? Title Abstract Host
Sep  4 Jonathan E. Jones Marshall Space Flight Center Applied Physics   y y NanoLaunch 1200 y Allred?
Sep 11 Harold Stokes BYU CM   na n ISODISTORT: A Web Application for Exploring y na
Sep 18 Richard Ang BYU CPMS Career Placement Coordinator   some n Career Placement CooPreparing for the STEM Job Fairrdinator (need name) STEM fair 9/26/2013, general 10/3 n na
Sep 25 Ross Spencer BYU Plasma na n What’s the boundary condition when the boundary is fuzzy? y na
Oct  2 Jason Steffan Northwestern U Astrophysics (page) y y Exoplanet insights into the origins of planetary systems y Stephens
Oct  9 Roger McCarty Marriott School of Management, BYU (former indstrl sr. exec with Dow Chmcl) Tech Pstns in Bsnss. & Indstry   y n

Victimless Career Planning “How to STOP being a VICTIM and TAKE CHARGE of your CAREER”

y Turley
Oct 16 Harry Byrne US Patent and Trademark Office, Alexandria, VA Patent Examiner (page) y y Introducing the USPTO to the BYU Department of Physics & Astronomy y Vanfleet
Oct 22 Jack Burns Jack.Burns@Colorado.EDU University of Colorado Astrophysics   y y Exploring the Universe from the Moon (Public Lecture) y Moody
Oct 23 Jack Burns Jack.Burns@Colorado.EDU University of Colorado Astrophysics   y y The Dark Ages Radio Explorer (DARE) y Moody
Oct 30 Benjamin T. Stokes Utah Cosmic Rays (page) y y Cosmic Ray Research at the University of Utah y Campbell
Nov  6 Brent Wacaser IBM Research--Thomas J Watson Research Center Nanotechnology   y y The Physics of Concentrated Photovoltaic Systems y Hess
Nov 13 Timothy Doyle UVU Ultrasound y y Genetic Profiling of Breast Cancer and Other Diseases Using High-Frequency Ultrasound y
Nov 20 Scott Bergeson BYU AMO   na n

Fusion Physics at 1 Kelvin

y na
Dec  4 Chris Watchman Dept. of Radiation Oncology, College of Medicine, University of Arizona Medical Physics   y y Medical Physics Research: Past, Present and Future    
Dec 11 Derek Thomas BYU Acoustics   na n     na

Winter 2014


Name Email From Field (page) Sent
Lunch, Dinner? Title Abstract Host
Jan  8 Dan Allen Maxim Integrated Optics y y There’s a sensor for that! Smart phones and the mobile sensor revolution y
Jan 15 J. Ward Moody BYU Astrophysics   na n Probing Dark Matter with Photometric Redshifts y na
Jan 22 Jim Chisholm Southern Utah Theory   y y Primordial Black Hole Clustering, Implications for Dark Matter and Supermassive Black Hole Seeds y Neilsen
Jan 29 Pearl Sandick Utah Particle Physics/Astrophysics (page) y n Particle Dark Matter: High Hopes and Low Cross Sections y Stephens
Feb  5 Derek Muller University of Sydney Science Education y n Physics Education Research: Lessons from Video y Merrill
Feb 12 Jason Evans Minnesota Theory (page) y y The Standard Models and Beyond y Van Huele
Feb 19 John Evans '' Colorado Acoustics (page) y y

Conservation of Geometry and Physics in Computational Modeling

y Thomas
Feb 26 Clark Snelgrove BYU Education (page) y n Effectively Using Demonstrations to Teach Physics y na
Mar  5 Kim Nielsen UVU Mesopheric Gravity Waves (page) y n High Altitude and Latitude Aeronomy y Christensen
Mar 12 Dan Whalen LANL Astrophysics y ? Finding the First Cosmic Explosions y Durfee
Mar 19 Rich McKinley Air Force Research Laboratory Acoustics y Y

Measurement of Noise Emissions from High Performance Military Jet Aircraft

y Gee
Mar 26 Grant Hart BYU Plasma (page) na n na
Apr  2 Derek Thomas BYU Acoustics   na n     na
Apr 9 David Fee Geophysical Institute, U of Alaska Fairbanks Geophysics (page) y Gee


Fall 2014


Name Email From Field (page) Sent Info? Lnch? Title Abstract Host
Sep  3 Thomas D. Gutierrez Northern Arizona University Particle Physics   y y The Search for Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay Using the CUORE Detector y Gus Hart
Sep 10 Aaron Paget BYU - Mechanical Engineering Imagining n n Communicating physics principles in real-world applications: seeing the forest through the trees y Christensen
Sep 17 Richard Ang BYU - Job Placement Job Placement   n n Preparing for the STEM Job Fair n Christensen
Sep 24 John Redman Hewlett-Packard, Senior Engineer (retired) Color and textural imagining   y n Color & Textural Imaging for Preserving our Cultural Heritage y Vanfleet
Oct  1 Holly Freedman Dept. of Microbiology & Immunology, U of Alberta Medical Physics y y The Roles of Adiabatic Dynamics and Quantum Coherence in Vibrational Energy Transfer in Proteins y Stephens
Oct  8 David K. Olson NASA Goddard Space Flight Center     y n Measurement as a Bridge Between Concept and Clarity y HC
Oct 16 Gregory Harbertson unknown                
Oct 20 Nathan Powers KLA-Tencor     y n Physics Laboratories: A Training Ground for any Profession y HC
Oct 22 Reid Mumford Johns Hopkins University Education: Lab Physics   y n Engaging Students in Physics Teaching Laboratories y HC
Oct 29 Richard L. Sandberg LANL AMO   y Y Lens-less X-ray Imaging for Materials Dynamics Studies y  
Nov  5 Sam Carter Naval Research Lab - Washington DC Quantum Mechanics   y y Quantum Dots for Quantum Information y  
Nov 12 Phil Matheson UVU     y n UVU Drunken Cowboys and BYU Nuclear Quadrupoles - The Key to Perturbed Angular Correlation Studies y  
Nov 19 Sterling Smith General Atomics - San Diego Plasma y y Toward Tokamak Fusion Energy Power Plants: Progress and Challenges y Spencer
Dec  3 Rob Davis BYU Condensed Matter   n n Applying Nanotechnology to Filtration: Straining Things from Oil, Water, and Blood y x
Dec 10 Denise Stephens BYU Astrophysics   n n The Search for Brown Dwarf Binary Systems y x

Winter 2015


Name Email From Field (page) Sent
Lunch, Dinner? Title Abstract Host
Jan  7 Ivan Sudakov U of Utah Mathematics (of Nonlinear Dynamics and Statistical Physics) (page) y n

Critical Phenomena in the Earth’s Cryosphere: Nonlinear and Statistical Physics Perspectives

y Neilsen
Jan 14 Joe Smidt LANL Astrophysics   y n Cosmology Using the Cosmic Infrared Background y HC
Jan 21 Darin Ragozzine Florida Institute of Technology Astrophysics (page) y n Planetary Systems around Other Stars are Often Unlike the Solar System y HC
Jan 28 Brian Anderson LANL Acoustics   y n

Acoustic Communications, Nondestructive Evaluation, and Source Imaging Using Time Reversal

y HC
Feb  4 Robert Krampf (The Happy Scientist) Science Education (page) y   None n Merrill
Feb 11 Nick Nelson LANL Astrophysics y y How Stars Get Their Spots y Nielsen
Feb 18 Alen Peacock SpaceMonkey Science Entrepeneurship y n, n Frenemies:  Science and Business, or the mechanics of applying research in a startup y Hirschmann
Feb 25 Josh Gladden National Center for Physical Acoustics Acoustics (page) y y, n Shear Waves in Viscoelastic Wormlike Micellar Fluids y Gee
Mar  4 Eric Mazur Harvard Photonics/Education (page) y n Assessment: The Silent Killer of Learning y Cgc
Mar 11 J. Quinn Norris UC Davis Geophysics y y, y Fracking: What is it? y Hess
Mar 18 Clark Snelgrove BYU Demos   n n The “New” Physics Demonstration Area y Cgc
Mar 25 John Garrick CVLC y ? Lessons Learned from the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Accident for Improving U.S. Plant Safety y
Apr  1 Ted Laurence LLNL Biophysics y y, y

Principles of single molecule fluorescence spectroscopy for biophysical measurements

y Colton
Apr 8 Andrea Palounek LANL (also 4 Corners)     y Van Huele