Welcome to Physics 121

Instructor: Karine CHESNEL



  • Instructor contact

          Dr. Karine Chesnel

            Office: N319 ESC

            email: kchesnel@byu.edu

            phone: 801 422 5687



  • Course outline

The course outline for this class is described in the syllabus attached HERE


  • Class schedule

HERE, you can find the class schedule for the Winter semester 2009. In this schedule, you will find your reading assignment and your homework assignment for each week, as well as the walk-in lab sessions. You will also find the dates for the mid-term exams and the final exam, that you will have to take at the testing center.


  • I-Clicker

In order to answer class quizzes and questions, you need to get your own I-Clicker at register at the link below:

Register your i-Clicker HERE       


  • Homework

The homework problems are located in the Physics 121 section 2 Supplement for Winter 2009 semester which you can purchase at the Bookstore. You will find your homework assignment in the class Schedule. The homework is due by 7pm on the day assigned in the schedule. Be careful, late homework will receive no credit!

One important aspect in your homework and mid-term exams, is to make an effort in writing complete sentences and explaining your reasoning when you answer a problem. Be careful, 25% of the credit will be given to your reasoning and your effort in writing complete sentences!


  • Online Homework

To complete assignment #24 go HERE

Assignment #24 is due on Apr 14  midnight


  • Walk in  Labs

The labs are located at S415 ESC  ( at the 4th floor of the ESC building). Your day of lab assignment is associated with the first digit of your CID number, as following:

CID           Lab Day

0, 1            Monday

2, 3            Tuesday

4, 5            Wednesday

6, 7            Thursday

8, 9             Friday

When you go to the Lab, just follow the instructions posted inside for Physics121. It typically takes 1 to 2 hours to complete your experiment. Lab reports are due at 9 pm of your day, in the "physics121" box located inside the Lab room.


  • Exams

For this class, you will have 3 mid-term exams and one final exam. You will have to take these exams at the testing center during the dates indicated below. There is no time limit, but it is book closed exams, you are only allowed to bring your exam cover, the green Math reference sheet provided in the Supplement, and a pen or a pencil. Below is the schedule of the four exams for the Winter semester 2009:

First Midterm exam :  Wed Jan 28 through Fri Jan 30, 2008

Second Midterm exam : Fri Feb 27 through Tue Mar 3, 2008

Third Midterm exam : Fri  Apr 3 through Tue Apr 7, 2008

Final exam :  Fri Apr 17 through Wed Apr 22, 2008


  • Lecture notes

If you like to review the Powerpoint slides I have shown during my lectures, click on the following links below. You may need to use an Internet Explorer browser to visualize the slides.

Part 1                                    Part 2                                    Part 3                                Part 4

Kinematics                       Mechanics- punctual             Mechanics- solids                Oscillations


  • Grades

You can check your grades HERE