Welcome to Physics 145, Winter 2013

Experimental Methods in Physics


Instructor: Branton J. Campbell

Office: N261 ESC, Tel: 422-5758

Office hours: Tu/Th 1:00-2:00 PM if you pre-schedule via email.  Other times are also possible.


Lab location: S420 ESC


9 Apr 2013:  Your TAs have planned short exam-review sessions in S420 ESC at the following times:  Sat 13 April 11:00 AM (Abigail and Alex), Wed 17 April 2:00 PM (Joe and Alex), Thu 18 April 10:00 AM (Abigail and Joe).  You are encouraged to attend one of them.

9 Apr 2013:  The final exam has been written now.  The administration and the style of the final exam will be identical to those of the midterm exam -- it will test concepts from the lab manual, and especially from past quizzes.  The exam will focus on the material from Labs 7-13, though it is possible that concepts from earlier labs will also be represented.  The exam is two pages long; the first page will be all multiple choice, and the second page will include numerical calculations, graphs, and essay reponses. 


9 Apr 2013:  All lab scores have now been recorded and are available to you online.  Please use the link below to verify that they have been recorded correctly.  Make-up labs are this week.  Be sure to attend your regular lab section if you have a missing lab to make up.


 9 Apr 2013:  I will give two extra-credit lab points to every student who submits a course evaluation.  These points will be applied when your final grade is computed, but won't be visible via the "Check your grades" site.


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