Announcement Archive (Winter 2013)

21 Feb 2013: I updated the course syllabus today with a new exam policy -- you can now take a 3x5 note card with hand-written notes on both sides (no photo-copied material) into the exam.


9 Jan 2013: Get a composition notebook or something very similar (no spiral bound or tear-out notebooks allowed) and purchase a Physics 145 manual from the bookstore.  Please DO NOT print the manual out on campus unless you do so at your own expense (the bookstore version is quite inexpensive).  You will need both on the first day of class.  TAs have been instructed to allow students to make a quick trip to the bookstore at the beginning of the lab period if necessary.


15 December 2012: Several students have contacted me with concerns about getting in to Physics 145 for winter semester.  The registration always fills up early, but there are typically several empty seats by the time the drop deadline rolls around (except for the most popular sections).  In Winter 2014, the number of empty seats after the drop deadline was 4 in Section #1, 1 in Sections #2 and #3 and #5, 0 in Section #4, and 9 in Section #6.