Welcome to Physics 140, Spring 2014

Introductory Electronics Lab

Instructor: Branton J. Campbell

Office: N261 ESC, Tel: 422-5758

Lectures: Tuesday/Thursday 10-11 AM in C261 ESC

Electronics Lab: S420 ESC

Office hours: By appointment.




15 Apr 2014:   Preparing for the first day of class:  (1) Read the course the syllabus carefully -- you are responsible for this information.  (2) Purchase your lab kit (416 CB, see syllabus for details) before coming to your first lab section.  If you are retaking the class, you are welcome to use your old lab kit.  (3) Read the first chapter of the online lab manual before coming to our first lecture -- there will be an in-class quiz.


15 Apr 2014:  I plan to stay a week or so ahead of the class in making changes to the lab descriptions and exercises.  Please don't print the whole manual at the beginning of the semester.  Just print quizzes and lab exercises in the lab at the beginning of each section.  For help in understanding course concepts, your lab manual, your TA, and our bi-weekly lectures will be your primary resources.  I am also happy to visit with you in the lab or by appointment.


29 May 2014: The midterm exam will be available in the testing center during the times indicated in our course schedule.


10 Jun 2014: We've decided waive late penalties (past and present) this semester. But it won't be automatic. You will need to show the lab to your TA. We will give you up until next Thursday (June 12) to make up any labs that you failed to complete earlier in the term.


10 Jun 2014: We'll use the last lecture period (Thursday, June 12) for a final exam review. Remember that you can check your scores online at max.byu.edu.


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