March 27, 2007, Tuesday


Dear Bryant:

            In response to our conversation of Tuesday 27 March 2007, I have prepared this list of things which we need to do inside of U234 when it’s reopened. We are requesting that you reopen it so we can redo these items. We won’t begin use of the lab for sample preparation until we’ve gotten to the place on these requirements that we’ve agreed we should be to.


Please change the lock on the door so we can begin doing these upgrades to the lab.



David D. Allred


This concerns changes in lab U234 to bring it up to standards.


  1. Identifying and ordering particular filters that can be used on the exhaust side of our roughing pump to eliminate particular migrations into the building exhaust, in circumstances that could bring particulates into the pump ever occurred.
  2. Replace with drop cords, all 110 outlets that come off from the center bus, that are currently in use in the lab. This going to require the electrical shop to install about four or five drop cords.
  3. Mark the
    1. Put red stripes on center portion of floor and extending to the sink to designate areas in which contaminated parts must be kept.
    2. Create a sign explaining the red stripe designation.
  4. Create boxes for the sputter parts when they are out of the sputter system so that contamination from flakes dropping off from the parts will be kept to a minimum. These will probably be constructed out of Plexiglas, metal or painted wood.
  5. Get copies of key F397 which is the cabinet key and designate one shelf for the uranium and thorium targets when they are not in the sputter system.
  6. Build inside of the cabinet a box for the radioactive target.
  7. Cover various electrical devices currently uncovered and create signs designating those which have voltages less than 50 volts.
  8. Arrange to put a second layer of support on the gas cabinets.
  9. Replace all frayed electrical cords in the room.
  10. Do a complete inventory of the targets and see that we have SOPs/MSDSs for the materials which we sputter.

Thank you,


Other projects.

  1. Designated boxes for user’s PPE.
  2. flammable cabinet
  3. Tyvak suit.
  4. Designated areas: For radioactive waste, laboratory hazardous waste and for solvents.