2006/7 Year we will be working on:


  1. Simulation Service
    1. MDRS (first trip Sept. 22/23)  

                                                              i.      Astronomy student to align the telescope at Musk observatory

                                                             ii.      Collect more samples of rocks containing endoliths

                                                            iii.      Replace batteries on Hobos- remote climatic data loggers.


    1. F-MARS @ Houghton Crater. E.g. http://www.marssociety.org/arctic/fmdevon1.asp

                                                               i.      Solar Water Production http://www.marssociety.org/arctic/ 

    1. MDRS (2nd trip ??) 

                                                               i.      To test out strategy and equipment before going to Antarctica and Mars.

  1. Mars Rover
  2. Sequencing of endoliths


  1. Getting Funding to develop instruments for taking UAVs to Antarctica for science mission;
    1. Hyperspectral analysis. For dry valleys and volcanoes (Mt. Erebus etc.)
    2. Fluorimeters (ditto) with U SU people
    3. Concentration and sources/sink of minor Gas components.
    4. Hoarfrost
  2. Mars Hanger
  3. Mars greenhouses.