2011 Spring Research Conference abstracts & presentations

Alison Wells, “Analysis of Anomalous Film Growth when Yttrium Oxide Thin Films are Exposed to 7.2eV Light” ppt

Gregory Hart (Steve Turley) Rough surface reflections  ppt

Heidi Dumais (Steve Turley) The effects of oxidation on the refractive index of uranium in the extreme ultraviolet  ppt

Zephne Larsen (Steve Turley)  Detection of Delayed Gamma-Ray Detection from Bremsstrahlung-Induced Fission using 8MV 50ns MIVA  ppt

Zephne Larsen (Steve Turley) Determining Reproducibility of Y2O3 Mirror  ppt

Adam Konneker (Robert Davis) A Tortuous Tale: 3D Modeling of Carbon Nanotube Structures  ppt