2010 Utah Academy of Sciences, Arts, and Letters,

Session Four  Session Leader: Steve Turley
Udvar-Hazy, Room 219

3:30 Successful Sampling Strategies for Characterizing Particles from Point and Diffuse Area Sources Using Lidar Kori D. Moore, Michael D. Wojcik & Randal S. Martin, Utah State University

3:45 Measurement of the Complex Index of Refraction for Uranium Dioxide in the Extreme Ultraviolet Heidi Dumais, R. Steven Turley, David Allred, Zephne Larsen, Keith Jackson & Alison Wells, Brigham Young University abs ppt

4:00 Analysis of Anomalous Film Growth when Yttrium Oxide is Exposed to Vacuum-Ultraviolet Light Devon Mortensen, Alison Wells, Thomas McConkie & David D. Allred, Brigham Young University presented by Keith Jackson  ppt

4:15 Fabrication and Applications of Microscale Silica Nanotubes, Jun Song, Brigham Young University

4:30 Fabrication and Testing of a Strain-Based Carbon Nanotube Magnetometer Structure, D. D. Allred, J. A. Brame & J. E. Goodsell, Brigham Young University; S. A. Getty, Y. Zheng, NASA.   ppt