Session C1: Nanodevices

3:25 PM–4:13 PM, Friday, October 19, 2007
Chemistry (Bldg. 20) - Room 224

Chair: Richard Vanfleet, Brigham Young University

Abstract: C1.00004 : A Single-walled Carbon Nanotube-based Nanocompass for High Spatial Resolution Magnetometry.

4:01 PM to 4:13 PM

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  Johnathan Goodsell
    (Brigham Young University)

  Jon Brame
    (Brigham Young University)

  Stephanie Getty
    (Nasa Goddard Space Flight Center)

A design for single walled carbon nanotube (SWCNT) nanocompass will be presented.~ The operating principle exploits the sensitivity of SWCNT electrical properties to strain. The sensor design resembles a classical compass that features an electronic readout.~ It consists of a suspended network of electrically contacted SWCNTs supporting a magnetically responsive, high aspect-ratio Fe component.~ During operation, torque on the Fe needle in a magnetic field will induce a strain on the suspended SWCNTs, which is measurable as a change in electronic properties of the device.~ We will discuss fabrication of the magnetometer, preliminary data, including magnetic field and temperature dependence of the SWCNT network material, and calculations to estimate the nanocompass sensitity to magnetic field.~ We will also outline future work planned at BYU in collaboration with NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center.