Intermediate Martian Atmospheric Study and Demonstration
Donovan Chipman, Andrew Ning, and David Allred, Ph.D. BYU Mars Research Group, BYU Provo, Utah, 84602

We  discusses a proposal to use an intermediate Martian atmospheric (IMA) structure as a partial solution to the difficulties associated with working out of the crew environment with current full pressure spacesuit (FPS) designs. An IMA is similar to a regular pressurized space structure; except that the Martian atmosphere (mostly carbon dioxide) instead of Earth standard air is used to pressurize it.  Astronauts can work in such a structure needing for EVA equipment only breathing gear.  Large volumes for workspace can be created in this manner without having to meet the exacting construction standards of a regular manned space vehicle.  We show that the IMA also provides a safe ambiance for those preparing for breathing low pressure, pure oxygen for EVAs. Design options for the assembly and pressurization of such large structures are considered.  We explain the construction of a small intermediate atmospheric demonstrator that operates inside of a simulated Martian atmosphere.