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Thin Film Optical Constants in the EUV using Simultaneous Reflection and Transmission Measurements

Thursday, November 3, 2005, 11:40am, Room 306

Session: Optical Thin Films
Presenter: G.A. Acosta, Brigham Young University
Authors: D.D. Allred, Brigham Young University
G.A. Acosta, Brigham Young University
R.S. Turley, Brigham Young University
J.E. Johnson, Brigham Young University
K.R. Adamson, Harvard University
N. Farnsworth, Brigham Young University
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We discuss the use of variable-angle transmission/reflection measurements for determination of optical constants of thin films from 50 to 600 eV. Such techniques have been widely used in the visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, but are relatively less well known in the EUV and beyond. For this range, depositing a thin film on a transparent substrate is impossible since partially transparent films must be less than ~50 nm and transparent substrates are unknown. Instead we deposited films directly on the surface of a diode detector. We expanded the technique by measuring simultaneously, both reflection from, and transmission at, the same position on the diode to minimize errors stemming from film nonuniformity. Two materials so studied at CXRO's beamline 6.3.2 at the Advanced Light Source at the Berkeley National Laboratory were reactively sputtered thorium oxide and scandium oxide. We will report the complex index of refraction obtained by fitting this data for a number of energies in this range.