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Michael Ware

Associate Professor

Office: N263 ESC
Phone: (801) 422-2186
Lab: (801) 422-2737

Office Hours

Knock when I am in my office or email me to set up a specific time to meet.  Formal office hours for classes are listed in the syllabus for that class.

Meetings and Assignments

  • Tuesday 11am: Devotional
  • Thursday 11am: Group Meeting

Professional Bio

Michael Ware joined the BYU Department of Physics and Astronomy in 2004. His research specialty is optics, including both ultra-high-intensity laser physics and quantum optics.  He enjoys working with students in both the classroom and the laboratory.  Prior to coming to BYU, he worked at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in the Quantum Optics metrology group where he helped develop standards for calibrating single-photon detectors for use in quantum cryptography systems.  Michael received his PhD from BYU in 2001.  He is the father of six children.


  • From Logan, UT; LDS Mission: Johannesburg, South Africa (1993-1995).
  • B.S. Physics, Brigham Young University, Cum Laude and University Honors (April 1999)
  • Ph.D. Physics, Brigham Young University (December 2001)
  • Post Doctoral Research, Correlated Photon Radiometry group at NIST (January 2002-August 2004)
  • Assistant Professor, BYU Department of Physics and Astronomy (August 2004-2010)
  • Associate Professor, BYU Department of Physics and Astronomy (August 2010-Present)

Research Interests

  • Optical pulse propagation: energy exchange and superluminal/subluminal behaviors
  • Single-photon source and detector characterization
  • High intensity laser interactions: harmonics and single electron radiation


Specialty: Quantum Optics

Research Website:


Theses and Dissertations