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Steve Turley


Office: N319 ESC
Phone: (801) 422-3095
Lab: (801) 422-5385
Cell: (801) 372-1935
Teaching Url:

Spring 2020 Teaching Schedule

Physics 498 TBA

Office Hours

Fall 2020:

  • Mon, 1PM
  • Tue, 1PM
  •  Thu, 2PM

Meetings and Assignments

  • Devotional, Tue, 11AM
  • Colloquium, Fri, noon

Professional Bio

BS, BYU, 1978
PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1984

Senior Research Staff Physicist at Hughes Aircraft Company Research Labs, 1976-1995

Associate Professor, BYU, 1995-2001
Professor, BYU, 2001-present
Physics Dept. Chair, BYU, 2000-2003
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Education, BYU, 2003-2008
Program Director, National Science Foundation, 2018-2019
President, Utah Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters, 2007-2009 (Fellow)
Associate Affiliate Director, Rocky Mountain Space Grant Consortium, 2005-present
Member, American Physical Society (Committee on Education: 2012-2013)
Member, American Association of Physics Teachers (Treasurer: 2014-2017, Fellow)
Director, NSF-sponsored Research Experiences for Undergraduates in Physics, 1997-2017


Specialty: Extreme ultraviolet optics and thin films

Research Website:


Theses and Dissertations