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Remote Desktop Access For Linux

The Windows Remote Desktop server for the Physics and Astronomy Department is:

Do not save any personal files on the remote server or any public lab machines. Remote server maintenance may result in deletion of all personal information. Public lab machines (N212, N337, N477, 4th floor labs, etc) may be reinstalled at any time without notice.

Remmina Remote Desktop Client

1. Remmina is available for most Linux distributions, and if you're running a recent version of Ubuntu, it should already be installed!
2. If your distribution doesn't have it, you can install via your package manager or go to the remmina site to download and install the program.
3. Start the Remmina program from your list of applications or by searching your computer. You can also use remmina on the command line.
4. Once it's opened you should have a window like the one below. Here you can either manually type in the machine you wish to connect to or create new connection settings for future ease.
5. To simply connect once to the Physics remote server, type in and click Connect! as shown in the picture. When it connects you'll be asked for your credentials, just use your normal BYU login.

6. If you want to save a connection to simplify things and save time in the future, click New.
7. Fill in the information like in the image below except using your own BYU user name and password. You may want to double check the Color depth setting and make sure it is set at its highest or at least something better than 256-color.
8. When you click save, for future use you will only need to double click the "Physics Remote" (or whatever name you gave it) and you will be connected and signed in automatically!

  • Full screen mode can be toggled on or off by pressing the Right Ctrl + R.
  • If you have any issues, contact the CSR office.
  • You can use other remote desktop clients if you want. Remmina is easy to use and comes preinstalled now on Ubuntu, however it is only one of many clients.