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Remote P-Drive Access for Windows

By following these instructions you will be able to access your Physics share just as you can from on-campus. You must remember, however, that performance will be limited to the speed of your Internet connection. Transferring large files may take a long time.

The following instructions work for Windows 7 through 10. Success may vary for other Windows operating systems.

First, open a Explorer window and right-click Network and click Map Network Drive...

In the dialog that appears, fill in the fields as shown below with the address<netid>, replacing <netid> with your BYU netId. Make sure that the address is using https and not http!

  • You can use any drive letter that you like, but it is recommended to choose a letter further down in the alphabet. This helps prevent
    problems with your existing hardware. We are using Z: in this example.
  • To connect to your P-Drive share each time you log in, check the box that says Reconnect at logon.
  • Then click Finish.

  • When the security prompt appears enter your BYU credentials as shown below.
    • Make sure you enter byu\<netid> for the username, replacing <netid> with your BYU netId.
    • It may take a few seconds to connect to the server; once complete Windows should open the new network drive.
    • If you do not see a window open, try opening Computer and looking for the drive you just created. In this example you would look for a Z: drive.
    • To disconnect your remote P-Drive, right-click the drive and select Disconnect.

    While your P-Drive is connected you can open and edit any files just like you would when you are on a Physics lab machine; however, remember that this is going over your Internet connection which means you will have to wait longer for files to open and save.