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Remote P-Drive Access for Macintosh

Connecting to the Physics & Astronomy P-Drive remotely will provide users access to their files and the ability to transfer files to and from other computers.

The following instructions are for OS version 10.4. Success may vary for other Macintosh operating systems. Users may also want to try Goliath to connect to the P-Drive.

In the following example, the word user is used in place for where someone using the instructions would put their physics username.

Secure WebDAV

  • In Finder, click on Go and select Connect to Server.
  • In the Server Address box, type:, where user is replaced with a physics username.

  • A status box will appear.

  • A box to verify the WebDAV certificate will appear. Click Continue.

  • A WebDAV File System Authentication box will appear.
  • Leave the Domain field blank.
  • Enter a physics account username in the Name field.
  • Enter the associated password for the username in the Password field.

  • An icon should appear on the desktop for the P-Drive folder.

  • Click the icon and it will open up. The user will have access to their files.