Installing The Ricoh In N284 On A Mac

The following instructions are for Mac OS 10.12 (Sierra). Instructions for other OS versions may vary.

BE AWARE! This is only for installing this printer to a Mac on the domain. If your Mac is not on the domain, please contact the CSR office (N362 ESC Ext. 26776) and they will help you get the printers installed.

Please note, some printers will NOT automatically install the correct driver on a Macintosh. If the link on this page to the driver does not work for any reason, feel free to contact the CSR office.

Adding a New Printer

  • Open up System Preferences
  • Select Printers and Scanners
  • Click on + button to add a printer.
  • Search for the printer by typing 'RPL-N284'
  • Select 'RPL-N284 ESC Ricoh MP C5503'
  • Before you go on, you'll need to download the driver. Click here to download the driver.
  • Once the zip file has been downloaded, unzip it and follow the instructions to install it onto your computer.
  • Go to "Choose a Driver..." and select "Select Software..."
  • Search for the name of the driver by typing in 'MP C5503'. Choose 'RICOH MP C5503 PS' from the list and click OK
  • Click Add
  • To change the options on the printer as well as to enable all the features that are available for the printer go to Options & Supplies on the printer's main preference page.
  • Go to the Options tab and select the following (These options are what our model has installed)
  • For the Option Tray choose: Tray 3 (LCT)
  • For the Large Capacity Tray choose: Installed
  • For the Internal Tray 2 choose: Installed
  • For the Internal Shift Tray choose: Not Installed
  • For the External Tray choose: Not Installed
  • For the Finisher choose: Finisher SR3170