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Install Printers

Installing an RPL Printer on Linux

These instructions are for adding a printer on Linux, specifically the flavor Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. The screenshots throughout this example would be for adding the printer in the CSR office. If you have another flavor of Linux, you can try and follow the instructions on your flavor or contact the CSR office for help (N362, 801-422-6776).

NOTE: There are a few packages that these steps will require. There is no need to add them before hand since you might have them and the printer service will prompt you whenever you need to install a package. If a window pops up and asks you to install something just click yes, and it will automatically install the packages you need.

  1. Search for printers from the main navigation and select the Printers icon
  2. Select the +Add button to add a printer
  3. Click the Network Printer drop down and select Windows Printer via SAMBA
  4. In the text box precursed by smb:// type in byu.local/rpl:9600/ and click Browse...
  5. When prompted for authentication, enter you netid and password and for the Domain enter byu
  6. Select the printer you wish to add and click OK
  7. The printer should now show up in the text box as rpl/[sharename]. Click Forward
  8. Select the make of the printer (ex. HP, Sharp, Ricoh, etc.) and click Forward
  9. Select the model of the printer (this can usually be found labeled on the front of the printer) and click Forward
  10. Select any additional Installable Options you would like (ex. Duplex Unit, Tray 3, etc.) and click Forward
  11. Enter the following information how you would like the printer to be displayed on your computer and click Apply
  12. Your printer has successfully been added and is ready for use!