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Reporting Misclassified Junk Mail

If you receive junk email that was not caught by our spam filter, you can report it to us to help us improve our filtering and make it less likely that messages like the one you received get through the filter in the future. To do this, please Move or Copy the message you received into the Report Spam Public Folder.

Please do not forward messages you want to report as spam to us as this will cause important information to be lost. We need the entire original message to best train our spam filter. We will check the Report Spam public folder on a regular basis for spam you have reported.

You can report spam to us by following these steps based on which mail client you use. Please contact the CSR Office if you have any questions about setting up your email client to report junk mail to us.

Outlook 2003/2007

In the bottom-left corner select Folders if it is visible, or click the small picture of a folder if it is not. In the folder list on the left-hand pane, expand the Public Folders item and then the All Public Folders. In this folder you should see the Report Spam folder. Now either copy and paste or drag and drop the spam message you want to report into this folder.

You can also add the Report Spam public folder to your Favorite Folders for quick access. After clicking on the Folders icon as shown above, right-click on the Report Spam folder and select Add to Favorites. Click Add in the window that appears to accept the default name. Now expand the Favorites folder, right-click the Report Spam folder inside it, and select Add to Favorite Folders. The Report Spam folder will now appear at the top of the left-hand pane all the time giving you easy access to report spam messages. See below for details:

Contact the CSR office if you would like assistance in adding the Report Spam folder to your favorites.


You will need to subscribe to the Report Spam public folder. In the left-hand pane, right-click on your mailbox and select Subscribe... Expand the Public Folders folder, and check the box next to the Report Spam folder. Click OK. You will now have a folder in the left-hand pane named Public Folders with the Report Spam folder inside of it. Move or copy messages here to report them to the CSR office.

Other Clients

Like with Thunderbird, you will need to subscribe to the Report Spam public folder and place any messages you wish to report to use in it. The instructions will vary based on which mail client you are using. You can also use the department Remote Desktop server to view your mailbox in Outlook if you need to report any messages. Contact the CSR Office to get assistance.

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