Homecoming 2002

A good time was had by all during the Physics and Astronomy 2002 homecoming celebration.  The reception was attended by many of the department's alumni, including recent graduates as well as many older-timers.  Interesting stories and accomplishments with roots in our department were shared.  Current and past students, faculty, and staff members enjoyed eating the food, renewing old friendships, and making new ones at the reception.  We were especially proud of the excellent displays put together by our undergraduate students to showcase the research they have done.

After the Physics and Astronomy reception, we went as a group to the university-wide barbeque, where we ate more food and were entertained by a student vocal group.  We finished the evening by attending the homecoming spectacular which, although not involving food, lived up to its name.  The various performing groups at the university dazzled us with music, dance, and visual arts.

We were pleased to reunite with former students and long time friends, and we look forward to next year's activity.  I'll see you then (this time, I'm going to remember to bring my camera).

                ---- Dallin S. Durfee


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